Dino Dig Activity with Kinetic Sand



D I N O D I G Activity! 🦕 Okay, this one is a go to lately for H. He plays with this for hours! Hudson is VERY into dinosaurs, like v into them. He knows more about them than a paleontologist. (okay, maybe thats a stretch..) BUT, He loves to learn about them and shares his knowledge with evvvveryone. This dino dig activity is so much fun. In our kinetic sand container, I buried the dino bones in Kinetic Sand and gave him oversized tweezers and a thick paint brush to dust and dig them up. It’s seriously so fun! This activity brings out his imagination and he loves his “Dino dig tool kit”. 🦖

I paired this activity with some of Hudsons favorite dinosaur books. One that is a lift and flap questions and answers, which is awesome because Hudson is very into asking questions and this is a fun way to explore and learn more! Another is 199 dinosaurs with their names. The cool thing about this book is that on the back cover is a QR code so you can scan it and it will say the name out loud for you — some are harder to pronounce so this helps all of us! I’ll share some of our favorite dinosaur books below!

Dino Dig Kit:

Such a fun activity that promotes fine motor skills, imagination and independent play! Hudson could play with this for HOURS. It’s been a huge hit since we put it together!

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Dino Dig Activity with Kinetic Sand


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