Big Brother or Big Sister Books to Share About Adding a Baby to your Family



We are in the home stretch and just about ready to add a sweet baby girl to our family. I’m almost 38 weeks and the excitement is REAL around here. Hudson has asked for a sibling for so long, and it pained me that we were not able to get pregnant as easy this time around. When I did get pregnant last year our family was OVERJOYED! Hudson had ALL the questions and took his new title as big brother seriously. It’s the most precious. We pulled out some books to read with Hudson and answer his questions!

Soon – I can’t read this book without tears in my eyes. “Soon” is the sweetest little story about a Mother and her little mouse who are waiting for baby to arrive. Little mouse helps Mama mouse around the house to get prepared for baby mouses arrival.

“When will the baby come, Mom?”

Little mouse is quite excited for baby’s arrival and it pretty much sums up our house right now! The feelings are real around here as we await baby sisters arrival. Hudson is going to be the best big brother and I can’t wait to see them together. He already adores his little sis. 🤍

Say Hello to Baby – A handy guide for new BIG brothers and sisters who are welcoming a new baby into the family. Covering the first 18 months of baby’s life, this book helps little readers bond with the new baby and explains some key developmental milestones to look out for. Fact-filled guide packed with fun and safe suggestions for how siblings can interact and play with Baby.

Lift the Flap: Where do Babies Come From? – An adorable way for little ones to discover where babies come from. From baby humans to kittens, caterpillars and kangaroos. little ones can lift the flaps to find out how babies are made, when they are born, what new babies need, and how they grow. A sweet, age-appropriate introduction to the facts of life to share with little ones.

How Big is Our Baby – A month-by-month guide to pregnancy, including developmental facts, designed to encourage curiosity and bonding between soon-to-be siblings, while talking through fears about changes to come. The size of the growing baby is compared to something familiar, such as a speck of sand at the seaside or an egg.

The New Baby – A new baby in the family is a big change in a small child’s life. This delightful book will help young children share the excitement and prepare them for the big event. Warm and humorous illustrations provide lots of opportunities for adults and children to talk and there is a little yellow duck hiding on each double page. The simple sentences… this book will keep little ones turning each page!

These books would be wonderful additions to any home library! They have helped conceptualize what is happening, which is amazing because even I am still not sure what’s happening in this belly sometimes!

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Big Brother or Big Sister Books to Share About Adding a Baby to your Family


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